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Jump Judging

It was a gorgeous, amazing, perfect fall day in Ottawa and it was also the day of the season’s second…


  We’ve been through some change lately. You’re probably nodding – or shaking your head at the obviousness of that…

The Re-Read Project – For Kicks

First line: “The Earl of October drove into my life in a pale blue Holden which had seen better days,…

The Re-Read Project – Nerve

First line: “Art Matthews shot himself, loudly and messily, in the centre of the parade ring at Dunstable races.” (I…

Tudor Robins on horseback.

Stories to make you smile

I’ve heard you loud and clear. You want to worry less, and smile more. My aim is to write stories that will make you laugh when you read them, and leave you with a happy feeling for the rest of your day.

I try to fill my days with things that make me happy. Writing, of course, and running, and spending as much time as possible at the barn, both riding and volunteering.

Wolfe Island is always an amazing getaway but I also value my central-Ottawa neighborhood where almost everything we need is in walking or cycling distance.

And everything I do is better when my family is nearby.