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Reader Recognition – that’s what my newsletter is all about. Recognizing that, without you, I wouldn’t have a writing career. You read, recommend, and review my books. I’ll use my newsletter to let you know when I have a new… Continue Reading →


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Here’s a not-very-secret secret. Reviews sell books. Book sales let me keep writing. That’s why I’m on a quest to bring my books’ total number of reviews on Amazon and Goodreads up to 500 in the next five months. You… Continue Reading →

Six-Month Horse – Now Available!

The Island Series Prequel – Six-Month Horse – is now available for sale at just $0.99! Get this novella – the story that starts the series – and get a taste of the island in the autumn while finding out… Continue Reading →

ARC – The Game of Hope

When my friend Sandra Gulland emailed me to ask if I’d be interested in reading an ARC of her upcoming YA novel, The Game of Hope, I said I had a better idea – I’d like to offer a copy… Continue Reading →

Fresh and New

It’s been colder than cold in Ottawa … in Ontario … in most of Canada, this holiday season. But it’s also been very, very sunny, and pretty, and definitely fresh. I’ve been able to get outside with my favourite people…. Continue Reading →

Long Time Running

All four of us were mostly sick for Christmas. I don’t like to say it ruined Christmas but it was pretty hard to savour the moment, or be in the spirit, or breathe … However, silver linings and all that,… Continue Reading →

Letting go … moving forward

Fall Line has a new cover. You won’t be surprised to hear there’s a reason for the new cover. When I launched Fall Line, I kind of messed up. You see, I worked really hard on getting the skiing stuff… Continue Reading →

Christmas Cheer?

Quite often, while I’m doing mundane, repetitive tasks (e.g. replacing selective “n” dashes in my manuscript with “m” dashes), I listen to CBC podcasts. Yesterday, a short (six-minute) piece from Cross-Country Check-up caught my eye. The title was “‘Our house… Continue Reading →

Welcome Home

This is my new home on the web. It might not be quite as pretty, and sleek, and sexy as you’ve been used to. For years now, I’ve had my amazing friend, Lynn, of Sweet Smart Design behind my website… Continue Reading →

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