Letting go … moving forward

Fall Line has a new cover.

You won’t be surprised to hear there’s a reason for the new cover.

When I launched Fall Line, I kind of messed up.

You see, I worked really hard on getting the skiing stuff *right* in that book. I know my readers really appreciate when I get the horse stuff right in my other books and, while I’ve skied my whole life, ski racing isn’t something I know as well as riding, so I did a lot of interviews, and research to make sure the ski scenes in Fall Line were authentic.

Having done that, I went all-in on the ski theme. I had a really ski-themed cover, and I positioned the book as a ski book.

And nobody bought it.*

Really, almost nobody.

I did some other things wrong, too. I thought it would do better in Canada than my other books, so I kept it “wide” (out of Kindle Select) so I could sell it on Kobo. This meant it wasn’t eligible for Kindle Unlimited reads. And not nearly enough Canadian readers bought it to make that in any way worthwhile.

So … even though I loved the earlier Fall Line cover, and even though I’m still proud of the ski “stuff,” – it’s time to move forward.

It’s time to let readers know, this is at its heart, a book like my other books. A book about loving, and learning, and making mistakes, and moving forward.

It’s sometimes funny, and sometimes sad, and sometimes romantic. It’s about a boy and a girl, and their friends, and their families.

And, yeah, instead of horses, it’s about skiing. And this is winter. So … why not try a ski read?

I’m hoping the new cover will give some people the message that this is a YA contemporary romance, and if they like those, they should try it.

Overall, this is kind of an interesting experience for me, because a couple of years ago, I wonder if it would have been hard to let go of the old cover, and my old way of thinking about this book. Today it isn’t. I hope that shows I’m more aware of my audience, and more willing to be flexible to appeal to them.

I suppose time will tell.

*It turns out, there is no ski book niche. Not that I can find, anyway. Not a fiction ski niche, at any rate. There is definitely a horse fiction niche – and there are people who will buy pretty much any book with a horse on it, but skiing – not so much. This is me, writing, and living, and learning!



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  1. Carol Lynn Coronios February 26, 2018 at 11:04 am

    OK – y’got me. I used to ski and have just watched quite a bit of the Olympics. Guess I’ll give this one a shot, Tudor! 😉

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