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This is my new home on the web. It might not be quite as pretty, and sleek, and sexy as you've been used to.

For years now, I've had my amazing friend, Lynn, of Sweet Smart Design behind my website (and if websites scare you, or you want a super-lovely one, I highly recommend Lynn). Which has been amazing, but ... I'm at this place in my book-writing / publishing career where I'm realizing how important it is for me to understand and be able to do the things that need to be done to support my books.

I'm finally (finally!) beginning to learn Gimp, and I'm becoming quite proficient at Canva. Together, this means I can create promotional materials for myself, and do simple things like re-size / rescale photos.

I've also jumped into print formatting. After Lucas will be the first paperback I've laid out myself and, to be honest, it was so easy, I'm going to try to build in the time to go back and re-format all the others.

And the website ... I've created some of my own websites over the years - for other side projects - and there were parts of my main website I just didn't understand and, despite Lynn's patient coaching, couldn't really wrap my head around. So I decided, that was it - I needed to bite the bullet and build my own tudorrobins.ca site from scratch. This way, whatever you see here is something I did in the first place, meaning I know how to change it.

All of the above save me money - that's true - and saving money is a good thing. However - and this might seem counter-intuitive - they do, also, save me time. Now, whenever I want a graphic made up, or a change made in a paperback, or something updated on my website, I can just do it. I don't have to reach out to other (busy) professionals and wait for them to have time in their schedule to help me, and then have me possibly not communicate my request perfectly, and have them need to ask for clarification ... you see how this can bog things down.

All this to say, welcome to my new home on the web and I'm sorry if it's not quite as lovely as my old home on the web, but there's no excuse for it not being up-to-date, because I've kept it very, very simple, and I (should) know how to do everything that needs doing around here.

Just think of it as downsizing, for practical reasons. I thank you, in advance, for your understanding!

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