Canada Geese fly in an ever-changing V formation.

We’ve been through some change lately.

You’re probably nodding – or shaking your head at the obviousness of that statement – “Of course we’ve been through some change – the whole world has changed.”

So, yes, I acknowledge that. But I’m counting the pandemic as a given at this point, and talking about other change. Our family has been through some change.

Among other things, we’ve sent our first child to university.

It’s been great, and it’s been hard. We are so pleased with the university, and the residence, and the city, and everything.

But we miss the wonderful person we used to live with every day, and we miss our former family dynamics.

As I was preparing for this letting go – this change – I was walking through the fields on the island and I saw the season’s first V of Canada Geese fly overhead.

I noticed something. The V never stays the same. It changes all the time. There’s always a bird moving to the front. There are always birds dropping to the back. They quicken, and slow, and re-arrange themselves, and the V stays together.

They make it work – not despite the changes in formation – but because of them. So some can rest and others can work harder.

I’m not going to lie and tell you this separation has been easy on me. It hasn’t. But it’s prompted me to hunt out a new quote that’s been helping me (if only to have something to try to remember and repeat to myself). Maybe it can help some of you, too:

Accept what is.

Let go what was.

Believe in what will be.

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