Meant to Be

This is how it goes:

Boy meets girl – that happened so long ago neither Chris nor Tilly can remember it.

Boy and girl ski, run, study, laugh – do everything – together.

One day, boy notices girl in a whole new way. Completely by mistake. Quickly wishing he hadn’t.

And everything goes off the rails.

Slow skiing, bad marks, and everybody angry with him – especially Tilly.

Boy is losing girl …

Now Chris has to decide how he wants the next part of the story to unfold, and what he’s willing to do to get there.

“Chris and Tilly were incredible! Their passion for skiing was incredible as well as their relationship with each other. There’s a lot of good banter and friendly stuff between them. It felt totally authentic and was great fun to read about. Tilly was a lovely character but knew when to get upset as well, which I liked … it was great to see that Tilly knew how to stand up for herself.” – Amazon Reader

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