Tudor & Martin

Stories to make you smile ...

I've heard you loud and clear. You want to worry less, and smile more. My aim is to write stories that will make you laugh when you read them, and leave you with a happy feeling for the rest of your day.

About me ...

I can't remember when I started writing. I know I started riding at age eight, because that's when my parents finally gave into my begging and let me take lessons.

Today I still ride every week - at an eventing barn, where I practice lots of dressage so I can go out and power around a cross-country course every now and then - and, of course, I write.

My family and I live in Ottawa, but we also spend a lot of time on Wolfe Island (as in, The Island Series).

If you want to know anything else about me, just ask! I'm happy to answer.

Next Steps...

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